Ergoslider Plus+

Designed For Comfort

Our ultimate ergonomic mouse was purposely built to help bring comfort and pain relief for those who use computers on a day to day basis.

Roller Bar Ergonomic Mice

When we first started designing Ergonomic Mice, we researched the all types of devices. From those that used an ergonomic moulded design to those which feature a trackball. Although they maybe have felt more comfortable to hold or had some benefit, they did not address key issues such as wrist and shoulder pain.

That’s why we developed the Ergoslider Plus, to provide comfort and make working more efficient. The saying goes, a happy worker is a productive one, right? Our design values when conceptulizing our products include:


Superior Comfort

We believe in developing good ergonomics devices for people, aiding in a healthy posture and reduced pain from repetitive actions.


Ease to Use

Making life easier is our top goal, we believe that everything around us should be as simple to use as possible, that way we maximize the benefits.


Top-Notch Quality

Quality is fundamental in what we do, so that's why we have 3 levels of QA and offer a 2-Year Warranty on all our products.

Our Best Ergonomic Mouse

Ergoslider Plus

Ergoslider Plus is a centralized cursor control device that aims to help users by bringing comfort during cursor navigation. Its central location removes the need to reach out for the mouse regularly, and with our extra-cushioned wrist pad, you'll see a difference in your work routine.

Why not take a closer look at the Ergoslider Plus information page and see why this is the ergonomic mouse you need.

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10 Reasons
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Still not convinced? We’ve got a shortlist of 10 Reasons why we feel Ergoslider Plus is the best ergonomic mouse for you.
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