Our refund & return is only available for orders that are eligible. Click HERE to see our refund & return policy.

Is My Order Eligible?

Not every our product is eligible for refund, please check below for eligibility.

1. Order eligibility

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    We only accept the request with orders from FERSGO.com. If your purchased from other channel, please follow their refund process if there is any.
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    The order must be within 30 days range since the date it is placed.

2. Product eligibility

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    Ergoslider Series - Eligible for orders from Canada only.
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    Keyboard Tray Series - Eligible for orders from the USA only.
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    Footrest Series - Eligible for orders from the USA only.

If the requesting order can be fulfilled with both the conditions above. The order is then eligible for refund & return application. Otherwise it will be rejected.

How Does It Work?

Please follow the steps for the refund & return application.

Submit Refund Request

Please fill out the form on the right to initiate your refund process. Try to provide as much information as you can to help us expedite your application process.


Wait For Verification

Our support team will receive your application right after you submit the form. We will contact you and guide you through the process. The typical time for case verification is 2 days.


Return Products

We will instruct you with the return shipping once we confirm your order is eligible for refund. Please pack the product safely and ship them back to us.


Refund Issued

Your money will be refunded after our warehouse receives the returned product. We will send the payment asap and inform you on its status. 

Refund & Return Request Form

Please check order eligibility on the left side before submitting it.