Hard to find the right height?

Bad keyboard setup gives you

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain

Back & Waist Pain

"My keyboard is too high"

"My keyboard is too low"

Here's a great solution to you.

Work at the correct height is one of the essentials in ergonomic principle. Strains can be easily developed to your arms and shoulders by the mismatch keyboard level. This leads to long term pain which requires large amount of time and money to recover.

Our keyboard tray can effectively help you to adjust height, swivel and tilt in wide angles according to your office area setup.

Fit for Smaller Space

Shorter track length of 17.75" which is able to fit with most of desk depth.  

Simple but with great value.

Solid and Durable

Forged with high grade steel, our keyboard tray is strong, durable and firm. Each steel plate used in the articulating arm has 3 mm in its thickness.

Holds everything in place as promised.

Full Range of Motion

Up, down and tilt, adjust all motions with just one single knob!

You can easily tilt the tray in ± 15° angle and 5.7" height range anytime you like.

Swivel All The Way

Not always working at the same position? No problem! We've heard you.

Our keyboard tray can swivel in 360°, capable of working at every position.

Clean and Neat

Simply tuck the keyboard tray and mouse in nicely whenever you finish works.

Your workspace can never be tidier.

Easy to Install

Super easy, illustrative and detailed guide of just 3 steps to finish the installation in no time. Including well packed and properly labeled parts.

We have done all the hard works for you.

Free Up Your Desk

You can have much more space of your desktop. No more hassle finding or squeezing space for your work!

Boost up your efficiency at work now!

Extra Accessories

Small things makes perfection. Each FERSGO Selection™ Keyboard Tray is included with a mouse pad, cable clips and a anti-fall mouse guard.

Every last detail is taken care of by us.

Is my desk right for keyboard tray?

Here's useful tips help you check if your desk is the right fit.

FERSGO Under Desk Keyboard Tray - ONE KNOB
FERSGO Under Desk Keyboard Tray - ONE KNOB
FERSGO Under Desk Keyboard Tray - ONE KNOB
FERSGO Under Desk Keyboard Tray - ONE KNOB
FERSGO Under Desk Keyboard Tray - ONE KNOB
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    FERSGO Under Desk Keyboard Tray - ONE KNOB

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      Technical Specification

      • 17.75" Track Length Version (FSG-KTS003)
      • Accessories

      Optional Accessory and Parts

      Quick Support

      Q1: Is the wrist pad made of real leather?

      No, it is made of synthetic leather but don't worry they are equally comfortable as assured.

      Q2: Can I tuck the mouse with the mouse tray in together?

      No, the clearance between the keyboard and mouse tray is about 1/2". There's not enough room to tuck in the mouse tray with mouse.

      Q3: Can the mouse be tray fold away?

      Yes, It does.

      Q4: Do I need to screw it on the table or there's clamp option?

      You will need to screw them on the desk. It's more sturdier than the clamp version.

      Q5: Can the Mouse tray be put on the left hand side?

      Yes, we have instruction in the user guide to show you how to swap the mouse tray position.

      Q6: What are the differences between your Deluxe and Basic version?

      The big difference between our Deluxe and Basic version is the method of height adjustment. The Deluxe version is designed with a patented spring mechanism which allows user to adjust its height without pulling any lever or turning any knob. Also, the size of Deluxe version is larger and heavier than the Basic version.

      Better posture starts today

      Pay a little more for lesser effort