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Ergoslider Plus⁺ Ergonomic Roller Mouse

Built To Bring You Comfort

Ergoslider Plus is an ergonomic mouse created to bring your “unhappy” arm back to life. Its unique and innovative design eliminates your back, shoulder, and wrist pains. If you’re looking for a mouse that will rescue your work productivity, this is what you’re looking for.

  • Features
    • Plug n’ Play USB Powered Mouse (Needs no battery to work)
    • Responsive Roller Bar (Accurate left click and scroll functions)
    • Central Quick Access Buttons (For common mouse functions)
    • Thick-Cushioned Interchangeable Wrist Rest
    • Can Be Used Across Multiple Extended Screens
    Technical Specifications
    • Model No.: FSG-EM11
    • Product Type: Roller Bar Central Pointing Device
    • Dimension: 39 x 10.2 x 2.3 cm
    • Net Weight: 300 g
    • Shipping Weight: 735 g
    • Button: 5
    • Scroll Wheel: 1
    • Roller Bar: 1 (Removable)
    • Connection method: USB, Wired
    • Sensor: Optical
  • FREE Shipping in Canada and Selected Countries in Asia

    Countries Estimated Delivery Time Shipping Fee
    2 Days (EXPEDITED)
    5 - 7 Days (STANDARD)
    $8.99 CAD (EXPEDITED)
    Hong Kong
    3 - 9 Days FREE
    Australia 4 - 11 Days $34.77 CAD
    Based from $0.94 CAD per AUD exchange rate.
    New Zealand 4 - 11 Days $34.56 CAD
    Based from $0.89 CAD per NZD exchange rate.
    United Kingdom 4 - 10 Days $42.00 CAD
    Based from $1.75 CAD per GBP exchage rate.
    Other Countries Depending on Location $25.99 CAD
    Shipping rates are subject to changes without prior notice. For more information about shipping, please visit our Shipping Policy page.
  • Introducing: our "Take It or Leave It Guarantee."

    Within 30 days of purchase, you can try the product out as much as you want. We’ll refund you if you decide the product isn’t for you.

    If, for any reason, you:

    • Still have pain on your back and wrists
    • Can’t get used to the product
    • Are simply not happy with the product

    ...we’ll take the Ergoslider Plus+ off your hands, no problem.

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    Warranty Period

    Ergoslider® and its affiliated sub-brands: 2 years

How It Works

Ergoslider Plus+ is designed with optimal comfort in mind. It’s ambidextrous design eliminates the need to extend your arm left or right and reach for the mouse. By placing it in the middle, it reduces the unneeded arm movement that comes with traditional mice. No need to grip and drag you mouse around your desk.

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