We understand your pain

Are you experiencing there in your office?

Fatigue Fingers

Sore Shoulder

Painful Wrist

How ErgoSlider® Plus+ Can Help?

Your conventional mouse causes you more pain than you can imagine.

Computer is widely used in our daily tasks when we work at the office. Such simple tasks normally involves large amount of repetitive movements on your wrist and shoulder.

It accumulates strains and causes long term pain which requires significant amount of money and time to recover from it.

ErgoSlider® is a central pointing device.

The idea of central pointing device is to reduce the frequency of repetitive movement through its setup.

Those repetitive movements can be:

  • Long period of mouse usage - overuse wrist and hurts your palm if holding it for too long.
  • Frequently switch from using mouse to typing on keyboard - overuse shoulder and overextend arm.

It brings comforts through minimizing the movement during the work.

Our design can effectively reduce the redundant movements of your daily computer work. It also helps you keep your arm and wrist at the closest position to the keyboard which prevents unnecessary tensions exerted on your shoulder, palm and arm.  

More on ErgoSlider® Plus+

"Ergocentric" Design

Special low profile of its shape and central cursor control idea make ErgoSlider Plus+ a perfect alternative to your mouse.

Removable Roller Bar

ErgoSlider's roller bar is designed to be removable. You can easily clean the product without any hidden stains or bacteria.

Preset Function Buttons

ErgoSlider Plus+ has two preset function buttons with "Copy" and "Paste" function to boost your efficiency at work.

Plug n' Play

There is no need to install any driver. You can just simply plug in your ErgoSlider Plus+ and "voila".

ErgoSlider® Plus+
ErgoSlider® Plus+
ErgoSlider® Plus+

    ErgoSlider® Plus+

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      Real People Real Voices

      ErgoSlider® Plus+ has numerous users and youtubers sharing their thoughts and experiences on Amazon and their channels. You can search the keyword " ErgoSlider" on youtube to check on how people feel about our product.

      Technical Specification

      • Ergoslider Plus+ SE

      Optional Accessories and Parts

      Quick Support

      Q1: How long is your warranty last?

      Our warranty is 2 years for Ergoslider

      Q2: I've lost my roller bar. Can I replace it with a cylindrical object such as a pen?

      We do not recommend this since the roller bar is fine adjusted to best match with the laser sensor. You may purchase a new roller bar from us.

      Q3: Do I need to install any driver before plug in it?

      There is no need to install any driver before using ErgoSlider Plus+.

      Q4: I got a really old computer with only PS/2 interface. Is ErgoSlider compatible with it?

      Yes, ErgoSlider is well compatible with PS/2 interface. We understand that PS/2 is still widely used in some industries that has security concerns over the USB ports. This is why our product still supports PS/2 ports.

      Q5: The cursor is so sensitive. How can I adjust it?

      You may adjust the cursor speed on your PC. Here a quick guide to follow. > HERE

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