Designed With You In Mind

The Ergoslider Plus was designed for you and for every computer user who wants to achieve a truly ergonomic work environment.

It all starts by changing your mouse.

Be Pain-Free. Increase Your Productivity.

RSI (repetitive strain injury) is not only stealing your happiness, but it’s also affecting your work productivity. Choosing Ergoslider Plus makes work pain-free and maximizes your productivity.

Here’s Why Your Old Mouse Is Bad For You

  • Multiple, repetitive, and fine movements are the main culprits of RSI. A simple left click on your mouse could be costing you your health.
  • The unnatural and awkward movement of your arms to reach for the mouse is the root cause of elbow tendinitis.
  • When you awkwardly reach out for the mouse, your back tends to hunch over your desk, resulting to bad posture.
  • Your old mouse wasn’t designed to support your wrist, instead, you put too much pressure on your wrist while you move the mouse around. This leads to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Is The Ergoslider Plus For You?

It is for you if:
  • Comfort is your priority. It is equipped with an interchangeable and washable, thickly cushioned wrist pad that catches your wrists when you’re typing or scrolling around.
  • You want to achieve a better work posture. At work, posture is everything. Better work posture prevents back and neck pains, which leads to greater productivity.
  • If you want a hygienic workstation. This mouse has removable and washable parts for an easier and more thorough clean.
  • If you want more space and less clutter. You can connect the USB from left or right and you can tuck it under your desk grommet. No more messy wires.
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