We have various warranty length for our products. Most of them are more than 2 years.

We proudly provide a 30-day trial period for a selected range of our product sold on our website or our official Amazon channel.

Please follow the instruction given by our CS member or you may find a category specifying “Refund and Return” to submit your refund request.

Our warehouse staff will be notified once you place an order and complete the payment. Normally the order will be processed within 2 working days. You will receive emails on the update of the order. 

Yes, you can ask our support staff for any invoice of your purchase. 

Yes, it’s perfectly safe with us. We use Paypal as our payment gateway. All credit card information will be stored on their server. We do not possess any sensitive financial information of yours in our server.



No, your return postage is covered by us if the return request is eligible. Please rest assured with your purchase.

However, we may ask for your account information in order to transfer the postage to you.

When you initiate the refund and return with us, we will check your order information and eligibility for the refund.

If the request is eligible, we will send you the return label for your product. You will need to pack them nicely and keep the original package as intact as possible.

Once the return is processed and updated in our system, we will issue the refund through your original payment gateway.

We use Amazon’s fulfilment service in USA and some selected countries.

For international orders, we use Fedex to ship products. All of your orders are traceable.



We do not recommend this since the roller bar is fine adjusted to best match with the laser sensor. You may purchase a new roller bar from us.

Yes, you can purchase it from our customer support. The cost is $10 USD plus shipping. 

Yes, Ergoslider is well compatible with PS/2 interface. We understand that PS/2 is still widely used in some industries that has security concerns over the USB ports. This is why our product still supports PS/2 ports.



No, we do not recommend dry clean the fabric cover as the Tetrachloroethylene used may damage it.

We do not recommend to use drying machine. Please just drip dry the clothes. 

Please squish the foam as hard as you can to make it smaller. Then put the covers on and it will gradually recover its shapes.




Theoretically, you can do that but with a few reminders:

  1. You will need to drill the exact number of holes as the part you cut off. It will then provide enough support once installed.
  2. Once you perform such action, you are no longer eligible for a full refund. 30% of the order amount will be deducted.
  3. Please have experienced personnel to perform the task and make sure you are well protected with the protective gears.

Other than that, you may contact our support for purchasing the shorter track (17.75″). 

Both keyboard and mouse tray are made of MDF (Medium Density Fiber) board. 

MDF board is a type of man-made wooden material which is a combination of wood fibres and adhesives. It’s widely used in the furniture industry and gives a feeling and texture that closes to real wood.

Our keyboard trays are all sold with the wrist pad. However, the wrist pad is attached on the tray board by screws. So you can easily remove it if you would like to. Please note that once you remove it, you will need to find a spare nut to keep the attachment of the mouse tray.

In any case of wrist pad goes bad within 5 years time, please contact our support for a free wrist pad replacement.