Branding Improvement

by Jeff Nien on September 15, 2020

A New Look!

We are excited to announce that FERSGO has been undergoing a brand reformation project this year. This project aims to improve our existing visual identification (VI) system. We hope such change help us strengthen our brand image in the market and better cohere the bound between FERSGO and all our customers.

The new color scheme will use a bi-color system of black #595757 and green #cccc66 with their tetradic colors in some selected occasions. We also re-design all our digital marketing and tangible materials such as website and packaging. All the works will be done by our internal designing resources as we believe our brands image can be continuously improved through our experience and connection to the market. 

Notification On Product Packaging

Customers may find out there are two different versions of product packaging in the market throughout the period. We would like to address that it is completely normal as the re-branding takes certain amount of time to replace the existing packages, user guide and wraps. 

As we initially planned, all digital marketing materials will be replaced with new VI design before the end of 2020. All tangible materials such as packages, user guides, stickers, and wraps will be replaced before the 30th of JUNE, 2021. This is due to large quantity of stock on the tangible materials and it takes time to consume them. 

The design of the new and old logos is shown below for your reference.

If there's any inquires regarding our brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team will be happy to assist you on this matter.