Hi, we’re Fersgo

Welcome to our page.
We’re a team of product designers who are passionate about ergonomics, and this is our story.

Fersgo Story
Fersgo began in Taiwan, late 2009. Supported by an established computer keyboards & mice (OEM) manufacturing company, the team was tasked with a single goal, to continuously design and build the most comfortable, ergonomic mice possible to improve workplace health.

This vision came from two factors. The first was a personal goal, to become innovators in ergonomic computer peripherals, breaking away from only manufacturing for other well-known brands.

Fersgo Core Values




Easy to Use



We wanted to build products that provide a noticeable difference in terms of comfort. A product that could be used just by plugging into the computer, and made with quality construction so that it will have a premium feel to continuously meet the expectations of the user as well as the ability to withstand daily use for many years.

The second factor, interestingly enough, to use Science and traditional Chinese teachings of chi (qi) to understand the correct physiological fit for the human body resulting in reduce pain caused by blockages of energy in the human body.

Tradition Meets Science
It's been proven that continuous work on a computer can lead to musculoskeletal disorders on the body. From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, the pain is usually triggered by an imbalance/blockage of chi in the body. This type of pain ordinarily meant the loss of functional capacity and work-disability. Our designs aim to solve this issue by using both science and traditional teachings to understand what's best for the body.

Ergonomic Solution
On the road to finding a solution, we drafted numerous designs and consulted various ergonomic experts. We finally came up with the Ergoslider Plus, our first product. The Ergoslider Plus initially had two versions, a black and white. Later, we went with the black as it was more aesthetically pleasing and matched the color of keyboards.


Fersgo Brand
In 2017 we decided to build the Fersgo into a brand by starting online commerce. We then opened up an online store in USA and Canada, with long-term goals to open European stores by late 2018. While we work on the online expansion, our partners, and distributors help bring our products to retail stores.

Fersgo is about ergonomic comfort. We aim to be innovative, to help create a safer ergonomic environment to work.