About Ergislider Plus+

Where can I buy this cool product ?

We are preparing for the online store at the moment. Please subscribe our newsletter and stay tuned!

I really love this product! how much does it cost me?

The official suggested price by us is 160 Euro or 180 US dollars but the price may be differ, depends on the area, distributor or retailers.

Can I try your product before I buy it?

We are preparing the product trial system at the moment.

If you are really interested in, please contact us by email or the contact form. We will help you to find a retailer showroom if possible.

I lost my roller bar/wrist pad. Can I get a new one?

Yes, we provide an extra chance to obtain a spare roller bar/wrist pad if you lost them.

However, users who wish to get a spare part have to cover the shipping cost.

Please contact info@fersgo.com for resolving the issue.

User guide

My device seems not working when I plug into the USB port.

You can take the following procedures:

– Make sure your operation system meets the requirement.

– Plug Ergoslider Plus+ into the USB port, check if the icon of “installing driver” appears on the right-bottom of your screen. Please do not make any action and wait for the installation of the driver.

– If the icon does not appear on your screen, try the above again in same order.

– If it is still not working, please contact us via info@fersgo.com  for replacement as soon as possible. Our customer support will help you with the replacement procedure.

My keyboard seems not fit to my Ergoslider Plus+.

Try to adjust the height of your key board to keep the top of keyboard at the same level of the roller bar.

If your keyboard is too far from the Ergoslider Plus+, ie: there’s extra part between the space key and Ergoslider Plus+. You can try replacing your Ergoslider plus+ on top of the extra part of the keyboard to minimize the gap between keyboard and Ergosldier Plus+.

We are truly sorry that currently Ergoslider Plus+ is not designed to fit all types of keyboards. We will improve this in our next model.

We also recommend you purchasing any other keyboard that is height adjustable and minimum edge design. You may check the keyboard from Logitech MK220.

I keep mis-clicking my roller bar.

Please use any object you may find, eg: papers, woods, etc. to put it under the Ergoslider Plus+, at the side towards you to raise the height of Ergoslider Plus+ in about 1 to 1.5 cm.

We will improve this in our next model, please stay with us.

I can’t use it to play my CS or any other computer game.

We are sorry.

Ergoslider Plus+ is designed for daily office work. We will definitely design a new model for gaming. Please stay tuned with us.

Can I use any bar to operate the device?

Yes, it’s workable but highly not recommended.

Every roller bar is tested and designed to perfectly fit the laser sensor. Using any other bar-like object to maneuver the cursor will cause you bad feeling and poor user experience.

My Ergoslider Plus+ is broken! What should I do?

Please contact the retailer where you bought our product from, and show them the receipt. They will help you to replace a new one if the product is still in warranty period.

In any case you find difficult to contact the retailer, please do not hesitate to contact us with detail descriptions by sending email to info@fersgo.com or using the contact form in the REACH US section. We will help you to solve the problem promptly.

How to clean my Ergoslider Plus+?

We suggest you can use 75% clinical alcohol or wet cloth to wipe the surface of Ergoslider Plus+, the roller bar and wrist pad gently.

However, please be careful and avoid excessive water if using wet cloth as water may damage the electronic parts.



We are a large brand and interested to sell your products in our brand name.

We are currently not planning to sell our products in other brand name. We are sorry about that. You can definitely leave us your contact information, we can discuss the detail if we change our mind.

I am interested in selling your products in my country. What should I start with?

Please fill in and submit the form to us. Our sales representative will contact you in a really short time.

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I ordered one Ergoslider Plus+ but still NOT receiving it. Where is it now?

We are so sorry about this. Please tell us where you purchased the product.

If you purchased from any online store other than Fersgo’s Amazon web store, please send an email with the name of the online store. We will track them for you. If you purchased from Amazon.com, please use its order tracking system to track your order.


I have other questions

If your question is not list above, please fill the form below.