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Repetitive Strain injuries (RSI)


Repetitive Strain injuries (RSI) is an injury to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression or sustained or awkward positions.

Change Your Way Now


Pick The Right Mouse: Select the mouse that is suitable sized to your hand. Keep your wrist in neutral position without bending any part of it. Try Ergoslider Plus+! We have made the ergonomic improvement for you.

Keyboard: Type in neutral position, which means avoid bending your wrists towards your thumbs or little fingers. Use wrist pad to support your wrists while typing. Select the keyboard with the keys that doesn’t require too much force to press them. An ergonomic designed keyboard is a good place to start with.


Average Cost on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Days Victims of Muscloskeletal Disorders (MSD) lost in work


Average Price for Ergonomic Central Pointing Device in USD

Why Ergoslider Plus+

Perfectly Designed for Your Comfort in Office


• Traditional mouse requires you to move wrists in a wider angle and space as well as frequently and repeatedly movement to your wrists.

• Such repetitive action normally accumulates strains to your wrists, arms, shoulders and developes injuries and disorders.

• Ergoslider Plus+ is ergonomic designed to avoid any excessive movements to your wrists and it is the better option to avoid RSI/MSD then the traditional computer mouse products.

Unique Removable and Detachable Design


• Ergoslider Plus+ has unique removable bar, detachable soft and cozy wrist pad.

• The design provides you a best way to clean your device thoroughly and always keeps your desktop tidy and clean.

• You can clean the roller bar and wrist pad by wiping with wet cloth or cloth soaked with 75% vol. alcohol.

Durable with Premium Quality


• Each Ergoslider Plus+ is built with materials supplied by world renowned suppliers and by hands of highly trained and skilled peronnel.

• Each Ergoslider Plus+ must pass 4-stages of quality check before delivered to your hands.

• Global 2-year warranty - we take care of it for you

There's more...

• Plug and play - no more struggle with drivers.

• Cable out direction adjustable - better organize your table.

• Functional buttons - improves your productivity.


Materials: Plastics, silicone, rubber, aluminum
Dimension: 470× 169× 35mm
Weight: 300g
DPI: 800
Sensor: Avago laser sensor
Roller-bar: Yes, removable with Teflon bearings
Number of buttons: 5+1 scroll wheel +1 roller-bar
Connection method: USB, wired, plug and play
Os compatibility: Windows: 7, 2000, XP sp2, 10;
Mac: OS X(10.28) and above

Install Ergoslider Plus+


Step 1

Plug Ergoslider Plus+ into your computer through the USB port and wait until the driver configuration complete.


Step 2

Place your both wrists on the wrist pad while typing, your fingers on the roller bar and rotate/slide the roller bar to move the cursor on the screen.


Step 3

The buttons have the same function as the conventional computer mice, except for forward and backwards and double click. You can try every button to get familiar with them.

A Simple Ergonomic Solution

For Your Daily Office Work and Comfort


If you spend long hours on a computer, using the mouse to control the cursor can really affect your hand. After years of working, my finger and wrist had this numb pain and it wouldn’t go away. Luckily I found Ergoslider. The pain hasn’t completley gone, but I’m much more happier at work and regret I didn’t know about this product sooner.


I’ve never used an ergonomic mouse like Ergoslider before, but I got used to after a few days. Now I can’t imagine life without it, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Public Servant

It really helped me reduce the pain in my arm and wrist after 2 weeks of use. At the beginning it was tricky to use, you have to learn how to make Erogoslider help you. After the initial learning curve, you’ll definitely love it. Say goodbye to your annoying mouse for good.


The Best Ergonomics mouse you’ve ever had

Our Story

Fersgo was founded in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. We initially started out as a small team experts in various fields, ranging from ergonomic design, engineering and user experience. Our idea was to come up with an ergonomic product that could help us in the way we worked. Helping alleviate symptoms of RSI and pain. In our quest to ergonomic wisdom, we came up with 3 core beliefs, the product must deliver its purpose, it’s quality and feel must be premium and it’s design aesthetically pleasing.

Our Key Goals: To reduce pain while using the keyboard, better efficiency in hand movement, cursor control, and faster, more precise control.

Feelings x Ergonomics denotes that our products are designed to provide excellent user experience where you’ll not only feel comfortable but enjoy an overall feeling of happiness resulting to higher performance and productivity.

With each team member’s hard effort, we were able to establish a well-constructed supply chain as well as build mutual trust with our suppliers and global partners. We believe in providing quality at a fair-price. We continue to innovate, and are constantly bringing to reality our ergonomic dreams, aspirations and designs of ergonomic-friendly essentials for a more happier you.


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